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Introduction of the Masters

Grandmaster Shi De Qian


The Vice President of Henan Martial Arts Association; Secretary Chief of China Shaolin Quan Research Center; President of China Shaolin Wushu University. Shi De Qian was born in Henan, China, at the foothill of the Shaolin Temple. His birth name is Wang Chang Qing. He is also named “Evergreen”.

He became a disciple of the Shaolin Temple as a child, when he learned martial arts from Master Shi Su Xi. He stayed in the Temple for 31 years, until 1992 as a protection monk. After that he lived outside of the Temple as a layman monk.

Grandmaster Shi De Qian not only learned Shaolin Kung Fu from his master Shi Su Xi, but many Chinese Martial Arts, Acupuncture and Qi Gong bone treatment. He excels in Lohan style, Hei Hu Quan, Yi Jin Jing, and Chinese herbology.

In the last twenty years Shi De Qian has done an enourmous amount of research on martial arts, and has searched over 17 Chinese provinces and south-eastern countries collecting data. In 1992 Shi De Qian finished his two books "Complete Encyclopedia of Shaolin Martial Arts" and "The Secrets of Shaolin Healing". To date Shi De Qian has written over 57 books on martial arts. Now considered a professor of martial arts Shi De Qian writes for the Martial Arts Society, and has been a guest speaker to the United States, Japan, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Master Shi Xing Jian (Master Bao)


Master Shi Xing Jian is a 32nd Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk from the original Shaolin Temple in Henan province. He is an outstanding martial artist, a national first level coach and successor of Yi Jin Jing. He has many years of experience in teaching foreign students from around the world.

He started to train traditional Chinese martial arts when he was 7 years old. With 12 years he went to the Shaolin Temple and stayed there untill 19. He had the great honor of being a disciple of Shaolin Master Shi De Qian, who was both nationally and internationally well reknown and highly praised. From him he learned not only traditional Shaolin martial arts and different styles of Qi Gong, but also traditional Chinese medicin. Due to his excellent performance he was invited to live with the family of Master Shi De Qian.

Master Bao has participated in national and international martial arts championships and got many awards and high praises: In 2001 he won the first prize in the 'National Traditional Fist and Weapon Competition'. In 2002 he got the first prize in both 'Henan Martial Arts Competition' and 'Henan Traditional Fist Competition' for his weapon form, tiger and eagle form. In 2003 he received the honourable prize for his broadsword and soft weapon on the 'Invitational Martial Arts Competition' in Anhui province. During the same year he was awarded as 'First warrior in Zhengzhou City' at the Martial Arts Championship tournament.

Master Can


Master Can was born in Dengfeng, hometown of Chinese Shaolin Kungfu. There he became a student and has been practicing Chinese martial arts from 1999 up till now. Though he mastered both traditional and modern styles, he specialized himself in the art of Changquan (Northern Fist) and Shaolinquan. 

The weapons; broadsword, straight sword, staff and Pu Dao are amongst his specialties.   Master Can has reached his 6th Duan in Chinese Martial Arts and is considerred a National Master sportsman.

Master Can has been competing for a number of years on a national and international level. History of competitions and awards: 

2009 National Martial Arts Competition, inYichun (Jiangxi Province) 1st place both Fist and Staff 

2009 National Youth Championship in Chongqin 2nd place in Sword form 

2010 National Competition (Duan Grading) in Zhengzhou 1st place in Changquan and staff (Gunshu) 

2010 International Martial Arts Festival in Zhengzhou 1st place in Staff and Swordform 

2011 National Wushu Forms Tournament in Shanghai 2nd place in Swordform 

2011 National Traditional Championships 1st place in Baji fist from 

2012 National Traditional Championships in Guangzhou 1st place in Pu Dao  4th place in Fanzi fist form 

2012 National University Games in Tianjin 2nd place in Broadsword (Daoshu) 3rd place in Staff (Gunshu)  Won the champions of Wushu forms in He'nan Province and Dengfeng City for the past several consecutive years.

Master Shi Xing Bo (Master Li)


A 32-generation Shaolin Warroir monk.He is a traditional martial artist with high moralities and a gentle personality, who has been teaching traditional Chinese martial arts for over 5 years. Master Li started to learn traditional Chinese Kung Fu in his hometown when he was 10. He mainly learned Chang Fist, Dacheng Fist and Liangyi Fist from his uncle who is also a respectable martial artist. He went to Shaolin Temple to learn Shaolin Kung Fu when he turned 14. Traditional Shaolin Fist, Qigong and Sanda were what he mainly learned in the Temple.


Master Li also specializes in Shaolin internal Qi Gong, Chin’Na unique skills and free kick boxing. He has gained great reputations and won many well respected and honorable prizes by different civil martial arts organizations. In 2001 he won the championship (65kg) of National Sanda Competition held in Zhengzhou city, Henan province. In 2003, he won the first place by his traditional Hong Fist in the 'Xuzhou Traditional Fist Championship'. In 2006, he was the champion in Sanda(60kg) in Xuzhou Tournament, Jiangsu provicne. In 2008, he was awarded the special contribution prize on the 'National Qi Gong and Martial Arts Unique Skills Competition'.

Master Shi Yan Jian(Master Tang)


Master Shi Yan Jian is a 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk. He started to learn martial art at a young age. He graduated from Tianjin University of Sport, Martial Arts School. He learned from the famous Shaolin Grandmaster Shi De Gen, and also trained many years by the renown martial artiest Li Decheng and Zhang Shijie. He was formally acknowledge Shaolin Grandmaster Shi Yong Jie(Zhang Shijie) as his master. As the first and last disciple of Grandmaster Shi Yong Jie, he is proficient in Shaolin fist and weapons. With rich teaching experience and self-encouragement, he’s never stopped perfecting himself. Master Tang is determined to carry forward the great spirit of martial arts, enable more martial arts enthusiasts benefit from this spirit and become a better self. With born talents and years of dedicated training, Master Tang earned himself dozens of honorable titles and achievements.

First class National Referee

Frist Class National Sportsman

First class National Martial Artiest

2006 The 2nd International Wushu Festival, Shaolin Fist, First prize;

2007 The Traditional Wushu Tournament, Shaolin Fist, First prize;

2010 Tianjin University of Sport Wushu Championships, Shaolin Fist, First prize;

2013 The Traditional Wushu Competition and the National Peasant Movement, Shaolin Fist, First prize.